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Anti-Ageing Facial $80

This facial will instantly smooth, plump, and give skin that glow to bring it back to life! This jam packed anti-aging and antioxidant mixed with exfoliation is also great for environmental damage after those harsh winter or summer months and is gentle enough for any skin type.

Oxygen Facial $80

Combat oxidative stress and free radical damage that leads to premature aging! Oxygen breathes life into dull and damaged cells, aiding in repair and balance. Oxygen works with our cells to help maintain healthy functions in order to keep skin in it's youthful state and target damage that has already been established.

Customized Facial $80

A facial customized around your specific skin needs and concerns.

4 Layer Facial $90

This gentle but effective advanced exfoliation treatment will leave you with a glow you will love. This is gentle enough to be performed the day before an event. This facial utilizes the exfoliating power of acids, enzymes, and jojoba beads to remove that dry, dull top layer of the skin, leaving the skin looking bright and refreshed.

Acne Facial $75

Target acne prone skin, excess oil, and congestion with powerful bacteria fighting properties like sulfur, tea tree, fulvic acid, and a blend of AHA's. Calm and sooth inflamed skin to heal and protect the skin from further damage.

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